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The Elongated Muskmelons

In the year 2121 professor Elon led a mission to the Mars colony of Super Apes V1 (SAV1) to deliver supplies which included the favorite fruit of the SAV1 inhabitants, Muskmelons. The native Martian Aliens Type-XI (MAXIs) who have objected to the colonization of the red planet by earthlings, sabotaged professor Elon's mission by injecting the muskmelons with a Hostile Martian RNA-Serum FOMO-X-NGMI-2C which they had developed to be used against the Apes to destroy the colony.

The MAXIs' experiment failed as the serum caused a metamorphosis in the Muskmelons overnight and turned them into strange but friendly creatures who served professor Elon as their master. The professor named the creatures The Elongated Muskmelons or ELMUs. Expecting more trouble from the aliens, professor Elon repatriated the ELMUs to the pseudo planet Earthereum and made it their home. He divided the ELMUs into twelve separate Clans based on their appearance and abilities. MelonMusk (MM1) from the Golden Clan was chosen as their supreme leader. The most powerful and popular individual among each clan was given the role of Clan Leader.
The ELMUs were constantly troubled by the MAXIs who kept launching attacks on Earthereum and it's capital Serenity. In one such attack by the Aliens, most of Serenity was destroyed and all the members of the Golden Clan were either captured or killed including MelonMusk. However, the heir to MelonMusk, The MelonMusk II(MM2) escaped with the help of a secret group established by professor Elon known as The Fellowship of the Clans and hidden away somewhere in the chasms of Neuropol. The Aliens were defeated after reinforcements arrived from earth. The victory celebrations were brief as MM2 was lost in Neuropol and never returned sparking speculations and a violent struggle for power erupted between the clans. On getting the news of the war between the clans, professor Elon launched the mission Ape-X from Mars to find MM2. The mission was a success and the team managed to find and establish MM2 as the ruler of the melons. In the first Royal Court held by MM2, he pardoned all the melons who were held responsible for the war.

The Royal Court ruling was a mistake as a few of those who were pardoned joined hands with the Aliens and sabotaged the launch of Ape-X team's return flight to Mars and captured the Ape-X team along with MM2 and sent them to an unknown destination. To find out what happens next, join our discord server.

The first 1000 to join the ELMU Discord will be given the “ApeX”'re going to want this!

The ELMU Clans



Clan Leader: Melon Beast
Clan Code: EM.MB6K
Population: ____
The Ethtrees widely believe in giving back to the community. Their leader Melon Beast is well known for organizing expensive stunts and philanthropy.


Clan Leader: Melon Tyson
Clan Code: EM.FE26
Population: ____
The Adamantine are strong and rigid. Their leader is also known as The Baddest Melon on Earthereum.


Clan Leader: Melonie C
Clan Code: EM.CH1K
Population: ____
The Digiarts excel in the field of arts and sports. Their leader Melonie C is known to fight for just causes, especially for gender equality.


Clan Leader: Marshmelon
Clan Code: EM.K1ND
Population: ____
The MelonGang follow their secretive musician leader Marshmelon who is always seen in public in a disguised appearance of an ancient earthly confection.


Clan Leader: Post Melon
Clan Code: EM.TA78
Population: ____
The Stoners excel in creativity and arts. Their leader Post Melon has a large following across all the melon clans for his genre shifting music.


Clan Leader: Melon Degenerates
Clan Code: EM.VEGN
Population: ____
The Degens led by their leader Melon Degenerates promote plant based diet to other melon clans most of who consider it unhealthy and unethical to consume other plants.


Clan Leader: Melon Mathers
Clan Code: ƎM.RG0D
Population: ____
The Stanns are extremely fast in conversing. Their leader Melon Mathers aka MELONƎM can pack in a staggering 450 words a minute.


Clan Leader: Melon Gibson
Clan Code: EM.MAYA
Population: ____
The MadMaxis are crazy warriors and followers of post-acopolistic mythology led by Melon Gibson. They are optimists and believe that their currency can replace all others in the Metaverse.


Clan Leader: The Ethertaker
Clan Code: EM.DETH
Population: ____
The Punishers believe in having very high GAS prices in Earthereum. Their leader The Ethertaker is well known for creating 'The Streak', a series of 21 transactions which guzzled record GAS depleting a lot of ETH reserve.


Clan Leader: Melon Paul
Clan Code: EM.EMO1
Population: ____
The FlatEthers consider themselves as sophisticated scientists. Their leader Melon Paul has organized several failed missions just to prove that Earth is flat even if it appears sperical.


Clan Leader: Melonstein
Clan Code: EM.SF01
Population: ____
The Prometaeus are outcasts from the mainstream Earthereum society due to their monster like appearance.




  • Random Airdrops of 11 Elongated Muskmelons to the owners of the first 2777 ELMU
  • Elongated Muskmelons airdropped to the owners of minted ELMU Clan Leaders

Community Contests

  • 11 Rare ELMUs will be given away via social media contest to existing owners
  • 5 ETH added to the community wallet for giving back to the community through contests

Secret NFTs Drop

  • Airdrop of "Secret NFTs" to all holders (1 per wallet, you will not want to miss this...)
  • ApeX owners to get 2 "Secret NFTs" in each wallet
  • 10 ETH to community wallet

Endless Opportunities

  • Collaboration initiatives with other NFT communities for mutual benefits
  • The ELMUs teleport to the Metaverse/Gaming experience
  • The community will start to jointly take decisions on the future course of the projects

Frequently Asked Questions

What are The Elongated Muskmelons?
The Elongated MuskMelons(ELMU) is a collection of 11,111 unique Muskmelon NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) - a digital version of the creatures that came into existence when Martian Aliens sabotaged professor Elon's mission to Mars. 
No two ELMU NFTs will be the same. With 12 variants(Clans) and endless combinations of traits, each ELMU contains a verifiably unique artwork of a Muskmelon and is stored as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Owning an ELMU will grant you access to all future events in the expansion of the community powered The Elongated Muskmelons project. Stay tuned...
The ELMU Clan Leaders are twelve rare NFTs depicting the leaders of each ELMU clan. Eleven ELMU clan leaders are distributed randomly among all the ELMU tokens. Every person minting an ELMU token stands a fair and equal chance to get a clan leader.

The owners of the ELMU clan leaders will be given a special role in the community. Join our discord to learn more.

The MelonMusk II (MM2) who is the only member and leader of the Golden Clan will be reserved for auction at the end of the Public Sale and 50% of the proceeds would be credited to the community wallet.
The launch is going to be in two stages.

Pre-sale: The early members of the community can request and get whitelisted for a mint pass for the limited pre-sale to avoid gas wars. Mint pass holders can mint their ELMUs anytime during the pre-sale period.

Public Sale: During this stage, the minting is open to all and will continue until all the ELMUs are sold out.
The reveal will be after the ELMUs are sold out or after 5 days of the start of the Public Sale whichever comes earlier.
Well… You wouldn't want to miss it for the world! However, If you do miss it, you can buy from the secondary market like OpenSea.
The ApeX role gives you special features in our community including mint passes and airdrops to random ApeX members. To get ApeX role, you have to be among the first 1000 members to join our discord and follow the instructions.
This project was initially conceptualized as a fun MEME Maker project for the NFT/Crypto community. Our imaginations were limitless and our funny ideas lead to more funny ideas and at some stage we thought having ELMUs as NFTs would be great.

The OG ELMU MEME Maker remains part of the project and will be available to the owners of ELMUs after the Public Sale who will be able to create and share their ELMU memes. We would love to see the ELMU memes that you create.
We are here to help, you can reach out to us directly on twitter or discord.
The future plan for the project will be decided after consultation with our community members. We have great plans that we will put in place after the consent of the ELMU NFT community. Join the discord to become part of this awesome community.


This project and the characters / names it contains are a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person or name is purely “intentional” and is being done to create hilarious fun memes. We invite you to join the unlimited meme party!